Authorised FSP no 52167


Renewed Group provides specialised funding across niche product sectors. Our objective is to make equipment and products affordable to business clients.

We specialise in providing off-balance sheet funding to you in unique industries. We fund anything from big industrial machinery and equipment, medical equipment, air compressors, generators, Solar systems and bicycles.

We finance according to an operational rental model which has various advantages:

  • Due to the operational rental approach, VAT can be claimed on the premium in terms of such costing. (for business clients that are VAT registered).
  • As is the case with golf green fees, your riding expenses (instalment/premium/insurance), when in the company of your clients, could be fully deductible from your taxable income (for business clients).
  • Since the rental agreement is off the balance sheet, it does not affect the gearing of the company
  • We finance bicycles over a period of either 12, 24 & 36 months

Advantages of doing it the RENEWED way

  • Total flexibility concerning upgrade by addition
  • Rentals can be tailored to fit in with your needs
  • Rentals are viewed as an operating cost – thus off-balance sheet
  • The total premium could be fully deductible from your taxable income (for business clients).
  • Results in the lowest after-tax cost to you (for business clients).
  • Enables you to keep up to date with the newest equipment
  • Gives you flexibility
  • Offers you the most convenience
  • Enables you to replace equipment when maintenance costs become excessive

Who can be financed?

Any Business

  • Ltd Company
  • Private Company
  • Closed Corporation
  • Trust
  • Sole Proprietor

Any individual:

  • Older than 18 years

Full time employed for longer than 24 months

Benefits of rental: 

Control of the Transaction

By using our product, your salesman has total control over the sale. Many of you will know the frustration of waiting for your client to arrange financing, and never being sure whether he was arranging matters or just keeping you on a string.

Quoting monthly rentals rather than capital

Inflation has pushed the price of goods to very high levels and often the capital price scares off the client. Quoting the monthly figure enables the client to concentrate on the actual monthly cost instead of a huge capital outlay.

Rental vs Cash

Renewed Gear offers your client an inexpensive way to have use of equipment he needs without draining his available cash. The client will also not have to use up his available credit lines with other institutions.

Ease of use

The documents are user friendly. You also save your client the time and convenience of looking for finance.


The monthly rental can be structured (within reason) to suit your client’s budget.

Enhanced Profitability

There will be no need to allow cash discounts thereby improving your profit margins.

Cash flow improved

If all the documents are in order and the client is approved, we pay out the full amount due on delivery. You do not need to carry debtors. Therefore, your cash flow is improved and bad debts reduced.

Tax deductible

The rental is an operating rental and can be fully deductible in your client’s hands.

The unique structure of the rental agreement permits you to upgrade the older equipment with more up to date equipment, without materially altering the client’s monthly rental.